Devon.Easy to light and clean to handle makes them a favourite with the housewife who doesn't want to get those hands dirty or mess that lovely carpet.Ideal for warming your room up quickly ,super for mixing with other fuels, just four Ezilite briquettes and one firelighter, no kindling needed and within minutes you"ll start to have the makings of  a lovely warm fire. A completely recycled product means you're doing your bit for the environment .Packed in a sturdy paper sack you can burn the bag afterwards so you are not sending your packaging to landfill.Fitch fuels offers a comprehensive range of branded UK recycled briquettes as with our own EziLite are produced from UK waste and made in the UK  so you're not burning another countries waste.Fitch Recycling Solutions can deliver nationally,just make your own packs up on our online shop or simply use the old fashioned way and phone through your order, a great way to buy your fuel,you can even buy paper pet bedding for your animals.