woodburning, multifuel stoves and open fires available in and around Saddleworth. Orders for £50.00 and above include free delivery to postcodes OL,SK and M or call in at our Stalybridge outlet where there is free parking and we will place your order in your car for you. Fitch Fuels is part of Fitch Recyclling Solutions who also produce their own fuel briquettes called EziLite , very popular locally, these briquettes burn almost as hot as coal, have a low ash content of 0.3% and low sulphur content of 0.01% and they are very clean to handle and as the name suggests they are easy to light with a single firelighter or waxling. Part of our range includes Peat, Hotties Heat Logs, Blazers Fuel Logs,Hotmax Fuel Logs, Seasoned Logs,Kiln Dried Logs,Coal and much more, plenty of varied brands to give you the best choice in fuels for Saddleworth. We also sell Barbies English BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal , instant lighting barbecues and animal bedding available in 20kg bales at competitive prices for large and small animals including horses,rabbits,chickens and other poultry,cats,dogs etc.