with our customers,easy to fit and belts out 3kw of heat,having purchased one of these multifuel stoves for the office I was so impressed with the quality of the product I decided to sell them, sounds cliche but its true. Having used an electric heating fan heater last winter I searched the net for the alternative which is this little gem, the pipsqueak multifuel stove.Customers are finding it ideal for small rooms such as the studio ,summerhouses,bottom of the garden potting shed,small boats ,barges ,bell tents which the pipsqueak can have a special flue kit supplied at extra cost of course or because it weighs in at a 22kg it can be popped in  the boot of your car in the summer for that barbecue on the beach.So if you have plenty of small bits of wood lying around the size of kindling this stove is great or if you have no wood, the hotmax fuel log is great and for the longer burn Ecoal .If you need something bigger the the 4kw Hobbit is well worth a look at www.fitchrecycling.co.uk