a lot of Hotwind blowing around about what the kiln dried process really is.The price usually tells a story, at below £100 per cubic metre you are more than likely buying seasoned logs which is about half the price of quality Kiln Dried Logs,we all want a bargain but your woodburner or multifuel stove probably wasn't when you bought it,so be wary of poor quality wood which causes damage to your fire.To avoid this why not try our range of quality Eco fuel briquettes as well as our Kiln Dried Logs which are good quality UK produced fuels and include our very own EziLite Fuel Briquette made in Stalybridge, Cheshire or others such as Hotmax Fuel Logs,Hotties Heat Logs,Blazer Fuel logs or Ecoal which is as green as you will get for a fossil fuel and all can be bought online at www.fitchrecycling.co.uk  or at our warehouse shop in Stalybridge, Cheshire.