and no kindling,we recommend crackerjack fire lighters to get your fire started within minutes.Produced here in the UK at our cheshire factory our briquettes give a heat output close to coal without the ash and dirty hands actually less ash than wood.So if you struggle to get you wood burner,multifuel stove or openfire lit here is the answer.Our fuel is great as a standalone fuel or for mixing with other quality fuels such as Blazer Fuel Logs,Hotties Heat Logs,Hotmax Fuel logs ecoal and other fuels.EziLite is bagged in a robust paper bag so it is easy to dispose of either by stating your next fire or recycling it.You can purchase online from Fitch Recycling Solutions or check out our stockist list.Trade is enquires are welcome and there is a great oppertunity for start up businesses to trade EziLite.