a higher heat output than seasoned logs and green(unseasoned) logs. Seasoned logs can contain 50% moisture and green logs up to 60% upwards and plenty of sap to tar up your chimney. Fitch Fuels is not saying don't buy unseasoned logs but use sparingly on enclosed appliances such as woodburners and multifuel stoves.It is said green logs are alright to burn on open fires because steam can dissipate up the chimney whereas woodburners will start to rust and the chimneys will begin to tar. Fitch Fuels does not recommend using green logs on appliances or open fires as they will in the end cause chimney fires. It is better to season green logs yourself in a well covered and well ventilated and breezy area of your garden for about 12 months. In the meantime use kiln dried logs or seasoned logs or a mix of both. You can also try Fitch Fuels range of briquettes,eco fuels and ecoals.
If you do buy logs and they are bought from a yard in an uncovered open area in a bulk bag they will not be seasoned logs,they will be green logs and are likely to have been growing in a garden the day before so be wary.
The description of how logs are supplied can be misleading often described as Logs in 1 ton builders bags causing the buyer to think that there is 1 ton in the bag. Builders bags come in many sizes and hold different weights,also logs should not be advertised as weight but volume.
Fitch Fuels supplies logs in volume not weight. Our bulk bags (builders bags) hold approximately 1 cubic metre of logs,as a guideline the weight can be 280kg to 350kg which is over a quarter of 1 ton so if you buy so called 1 ton builders bag of logs and they are manually lifted off a wagon by your supplier it may not be as good value for money as you are led to believe. At Fitch Fuels 1 cubic metre of logs will need mechanical lifting to assist in your delivery.
So why not purchase your kiln dried logs from Fitch Fuels  and you will receive a mix of ash,oak,alder or birch and in some cases just 1 species of tree in the correct volume . All our kiln dried logs are supplied in volumes of 0.3cm nets, 0.7cm handy bags ,0.250cm barrow bags and 1cm bulk bags.