Solutions ,there are a couple of known land marks such as Cheshire Hanging Baskets and Cheshire Gas ,if you see Cheshire Hanging Baskets first you will be 100yards from Cheshire Gas once you're at Cheshire Gas follow that road round, in your car would be best, as we are  nearly at the very end of Whitelands Road where you will find us on the right where you will see the Fitch Fuels Sign and other fuel signage such as a sandwich board.If you sat nav SK15 1QL this will bring you onto Clarence Street and into our main Yard you will find directions for you to walk round to our main reception on Whitelands road ,if this is confusing because it is to me! phone us and we'll help you find us.We stock a comprehensive range of Eco fuels including our very own EziLite fuel Briquettes produced here  in  Stalybridge Cheshire ,other brands are Blazer Fuel Logs,Hotties Heat Logs,Hotmax Fuel Logs,Ecoal ,House Coal and quality Kiln Dried logs as well as seasoned logs ,fire lighters and much more.