the UK. Hotties Heat Logs are a super hot fuel that are slow burning with a strong flame at first and once the flame has died back they glow beating out the heat for ages. Similar to Blazer fuel Logs in shape but smaller in size and with the advantage of not expanding so they suit the small woodburner,multifuel stove,cassette and small fireplace.
    Using Hotties Heat Logs along with our own EziLite Fuel Briquettes gives you the quick light fire with no mess and the added burn time from Hotties heat log, the perfect balance.
Recipe and Method:  3 Ezilite, 1 Hottie and 1 Firelighter. place the firelighter in the centre of the EziLite,light Firelighter, place the Hottie on top and enjoy.
  You can purchase Hotties Heat Logs direct from our site