Fitch Fuels for several months with an excellent response from the people of Saddleworth. They can purchase quality Kiln Dried Logs direct from Fitch Recycling Solutions in Stalybridge. Kiln Dried has been unavailable until recently in the Saddleworth area only being available by purchasing outside the borough. Many locals have commented that they have been dependant on the supply of low quality unseasoned logs supplied by tree surgeons which are alright for open fires but caution should still be used as moisture and gases stored in these logs can result in spitting which can send hot embers onto your carpet so a fire guard must be  in place .Avoid for using these green logs in your  expensive woodburners and multi fuel stoves  because they can cause extensive damaged and result in costly repairs. Kiln Dried Logs or quality  fuel briquettes are the best fuels to use on these appliances as many Saddleworth folk are finding. Visit us on Whitelands Road,Stalybridge or look on our website at where you can purchase online and free delivery is available on orders of £50.00.Our customers also are finding our take your fuel  to your car service and delivery to your door step with the addition of placing your fuel where you want it and not left at the end of your drive an invaluable service.