easily damaged by rain or temporary damp conditions ,we are by no means saying you can store our fuel briquettes outside or in a damp wet place and same goes for any fuel briquette even packaged in plastic bags but an unopened bag of EziLite is very resiliant to water ingress,one particular customer who sells EziLite even leaves bags outside his shop in the pouring rain against the shop wall and he has had no damaged product to date.We also hold large stocks that due to the nature of the packaging can be stored over long periods,as with many of our customers who have farms buy in bulk and one such customer who purchased  100 bags from fitch recycling solutions 2 years ago and only this year used his last bag before reordering.So with Fitch Fuels EziLite you are ticking all the eco boxes ,a recycled uk produced product and paper packaging that can be used to start your next fire,no plastic.