high grade waste paper destined for landfill which assists with the UK company producing the waste and with the reduced environmental impact,so Fitch Recycling Solutions ticks all the boxes when it comes to Green Fuels,when the fuel briquettes are made they are packed into robust paper sacks and yes they are also made here in Great Britain.This fuel isn't just about carrying the green badge as with a lot of green alternatives such as solar which you require a lot of money to indulge in this type of green with EziLite its pounds and it burns hot actually just less than coal and leaves less ash in fact 0.3%, less than wood and it gets better, it lights easily as well without kindling just a single fire lighter,although our paper based fuel briquette doesn't have a smokeless classification because it is a wood derivative but it actually burns with less smoke than other smokeless fuels and also has the benefit of being carbon neutral.