now impacting on the welfare of our pets,pet bedding is one of the biggest costs which is why we feel at Fitch Recycling Solutions we have one of the best valued all round products available that is ideal for Horses ,cats,dogs,rabbits,hamsters,etc.There are some  bedding products out there that are low cost and for this reason are poor but Fitch pet bedding and Horse bedding are  not.There are companies selling paper bedding at three times the cost of ours from the same source.Although we are not a charity based company as many are we are a  privately funded family run business. This doesn't mean we don't understand the needs of our customers and their pets and we feel its easy for some bedding suppliers to over charge especially for smaller animals such as rabbits etc. Here at Fitch Recycling Solutions we promise we will continue to provide low cost premium Amimal Bedding.